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April 2021


Hillston 10/04/2021







1st of 6
HILL 10Apr21
Lady Maggie
(Swan Hill)

HILL 10Apr21 1400m Good MDN-SW $9,000 ($4,655) Robert Beattie 57kg Barrier 2
2nd Our Johnnie 59kg, 3rd Coola King 55kg 1:28.59 (600m 39.97), 0.21L $3.20







DOB: 12/09/2015

(Americain / Augusta)


retires April 2021




Capecain retires and goes to live with Lilly



Kyneton 1/02/2021




1st of 6
KYNE 01Jan21

(Swan Hill)

KYNE 01Jan21 2800m Good3 BM58 $12,000 ($6,600) Ms Madison Lloyd (a) 55kg Barrier 1 Rtg 38
2nd Chesterton (NZ) 62kg, 3rd It's Choux Time (NZ) 55kg 3:05.44, 1.75L $13




5th of 10
STAW 05Dec20
Lady Maggie
(Swan Hill)
STAW 05Dec20 1300m Good4 MDN-SW $23,000 ($690) Ms Tatum Bull (a) 57.5kg (cd 54.5kg) Barrier 6
1st Grammy Diva 54.5kg, 2nd Polina (NZ) 56kg 1:18.45, 2.35L, 9th@800m, 9th@400m, $61/$71/$81/$101












1st of 10
SW H 29Sep20
It's A Sahara
(Swan Hill)
SW H 29Sep20 975m Good3 BM58 $22,000 ($12,100) Teodore Nugent (a) 57kg Barrier 9 Rtg 56
2nd Miss Mitzie 58kg, 3rd Tiny Rebel 62kg 0:57.00, 0.75L, 9th@800m, 8th@400m, $17/$16/$15


Helens Interview: https://www.racing.com/videos/2020-09-29/swan-hill-race-8--helen-burns--290920?fbclid=IwAR1jmcssV97-T1-n-xL7HruD0DgLPi-aw4Fh6U-R-zx36lWK8sw3sX_jphg#/

Nana and Pop enjoying the win and giving their girl a pat: https://www.facebook.com/Uhavta/videos/344489773454815



4th of 11
BRTS 17Aug20
(Swan Hill)
BRTS 17Aug20 1500m Synthetic BM64 $22,000 ($990) Ms Carleen Hefel (a) 59kg (cd 57kg) Barrier 1 Rtg 62
1st Heljami 58kg, 2nd Raffine 57.5kg 1:32.51, 4.2L, 6th@800m, 9th@400m, $8/$7.50/$8.50/$9










7th of 8
MOUL 14Dec19
(Swan Hill)
MOUL 14Dec19 1600m Good MOUL CUP BM62 $12,500 ($350) Samuel Payne 54kg Barrier 2 Rtg 46
1st Sparsholt 54kg, 2nd Cooee March 61kg 1:35.52, 14.25L $15
1st of 8
MOUL 14Dec19
It's A Sahara
(Swan Hill)
MOUL 14Dec19 1000m Good MDN $8,000 ($4,025) Ms Juana Andreou 54.5kg (cd 55kg) Barrier 5
2nd Beau Dazzle 54.5kg, 3rd Wonaeamirri 59kg 0:58.92, 0.87L $4.40
3rd of 6
MOUL 14Dec19
Lady Maggie
(Swan Hill)
MOUL 14Dec19 1200m Good MDN-SW $8,000 ($665) Ms Juana Andreou 55.5kg Barrier 6
1st Friskocity 59kg, 2nd Louis's Girl 55kg 1:11.19, 6.26L $9
5th of 6
MOUL 14Dec19
Bian Late
(Swan Hill)
MOUL 14Dec19 1600m Good CL1-SW $8,000 ($350) Ms Juana Andreou 59kg Barrier 2 Rtg 34
1st Easy Sheriff 57kg, 2nd Equinox 56.5kg 1:37.43, 19.61L $7










Bridgy Lass

Its Chief




Its Chief




Shortly Miss




Its Chief and Stacey Metcalfe





Its Got Lip


Swan Hill

Its Got Moves and Its Chief




Its Got Lip and Christine Puls




 Below the Belt


 Bay Gelding.

Sire: Haradasun,

Dam: Mischievous

DOB. 28/08/2011,




Bay Mare: DOB: 06/09/2011


Sire: Bianconi USA (Danzig USA / Fall Aspen USA)

Dam: Shazatak (El Moxie USA / (Kaths Angel)


Thank you owner Dr Burgess and  Swettenham stud Manager for allowing her to come to Uhavta.

Photo as a 2yo in work-having fun

(March 2014)


  Fairley Vain _



Bay Mare: DOB: 20/10/2011


Sire: Conerman USA (Vain / Glide By)

Dam: Kenny's Best Gal (Kenny's Best Pal / Bella Undercharge)



Jayne and Helen on Sweet Polly at the Swan Hill Race Track 2011

Helen on Bev.


Helen galloping Poetic Blur

Poetic Blur-going over the levy

Wild Armani



Swan Hill Christmas races 2005

Swan Hill June Racing Carnival 2005

Stony Rises at Mildura Races

Damien Oliver riding Corvain at the Warnambool Races

(3rd Place in the Wangoon)

Wayne Hokai and Helen at the Kerang Races

Kerang Boxing Day Races

Swan Hill June Racing Carnival 2002

Broken Hill races 2004



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